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Athletic Therapist

Michayla graduated from the University of Winnipeg with a Bachelor of Science, major in Kinesiology, specialization in Athletic Therapy, and with a French minor in 2018. She then went on to become a Certified Athletic Therapist CAT(C) with the Canadian Athletic Therapy Association in the same year.  Michayla is currently pursuing her masters at the University of Manitoba, in the field of motor learning and control.

Michayla's goal is to help all patients achieve their pain free lifestyles. She is very passionate in the management of neck/jaw pain and the associated headaches, and has a keen interest on ACL reconstructive surgery. She treats all patients in a unique way to ensure the best quality of rehab! She is certified in Soft Tissue Release (STR), Neuroproprioceptive Taping and Cupping, and hopes to certify in acupuncture in the near future.  She has treated a variety of injuries from her experience working with sport teams including hockey, football, rugby, and lacrosse. She is also a certified first responder trained in dealing with all emergency situations. 

Aside from working within a clinic and field environment, Michayla also spends her time teaching labs at the University of Winnipeg in hopes of assisting students achieve their passion for Athletic Therapy. 

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